Ancient Edifices of Rome (1821)

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This collection is from an architectural tutorial from the early 1800’s.  Unfortunately the title page is missing from the book but the Contents and Preface pages are in good shape.  The collection includes text and plates for seven arches and ancient structures in Rome:

The Triumphal Arch of Titus
The Triumphal Arch of Septimius Severus
The Arch of the Goldsmith
The Arch of Trojan, at Ancona
The Arch of Constantine
The Pantheon at Rome
Temple of Antoninus  and Faustina

Each project in the collection begins with a detailed vintage print made from an engraving which was made from measurements and drawing of the structure taken during the period.  Each project contains multiple vintage engravings of elevations and details as they were drawn from those field measurements.  They together make an impressive set of complimentary pieces or stand alone as individual works.


The Pantheon Detail
Details from The Pantheon at Rome
Arch of Titus in Rome - Detail
Sample text and Bar Scale

From the original text found in the Preface:

      “Having undertaken and performed an extensive tour through Greece, Sicily, Italy, and France, for the purpose of prosecuting the study of our profession as Architects, and acquainting ourselves with the remains of antiquity, as well as with the arrangement of modern buildings, in those countries, by personal inspection, we have been induced to present to the public that part of our labours which relates to Ancient Edifices of Rome;
for the persuasion that, although they are justly considered as the standards of proportion and taste in Architecture, they have never yet been fully represented, particularly in the variety and beauty of the ornament  with which they abound, and which is in great part absolutely requisite to be known, as well as their proportions, by all those who would practice  their profession with the hope of reputation.”

  “It might be proper to premise, that no publication, containing the drawings or dimensions of these buildings, exist in our own language or measurements…”

     “Having given our reasons for undertaking this task we have imposed on ourselves, and which has been one of no ordinary exertion, we leave it to our liberal and discerning countrymen, to determine whether it is worthy of their patronage, or likely to be serviceable to our students in Architecture, or an amusing auxiliary to the classic reader and amateur.”
3.01.001-4 Preface 4 pages text 14x21 no
3.02.005-8 Introduction 4 pages text 14x21 no
3.03.001 Triumphant Arch of Titus Eastside engraving I 14x21 yes
3.03.002 Westside engraving II 14x21 yes
3.03.003 Detail III 14x21 no
3.03.004 Detail IV 14x21 no
3.03.005 Detail V 14x21 no
3.03.006 Detail VI 14x21 yes
3.03.007 Detail VII 14x21 no
3.03.008 Detail VIII 14x21 yes
3.03.009 Scene IX 14x21 no
3.03.010 Scene X 14x21 no
3.04.001 Triumphant Arch of Septimius Severus missing XI 14x21 no
3.04.002 Detail XII 14x21 no
3.04.003 Detail XIII 14x21 no
3.04.004 Detail XIV 14x21 no
3.04.005 Detail XV 14x21 no
3.04.006 missing XVI 14x21 no
3.04.007 Detail XVII 14x21 no
3.04.008 Scene XVIII 14x21 no
3.04.009 Scene XIX 14x21 no
3.05.001 Arch of the Goldsmith Engraving XX 14x21 yes
3.05.002 Detail XXI 14x21 no
3.05.003 Detail XXII 14x21 no
3.05.004 Detail XXIII 14x21 no
3.05.005 Detail XXIV 14x21 no
3.05.006 Detail XXV 14x21 yes
3.06.001 Arch of Trajan at Ancona Engraving XXVI 14x21 yes
3.06.002 Detail XXVII 14x21 no
3.06.003 Detail XXVIII 14x21 no
3.06.004 Detail XXIX 14x21 no
3.07.001 Arch of Constantine Engraving XXX 14x21 yes
3.07.002 Detail XXXI 14x21 no
3.07.003 Detail XXXII 14x21 no
3.07.004 Detail XXXIII 14x21 no
3.07.005 Detail XXXIV 14x21 no
3.07.006 Detail XXXV 14x21 yes
3.07.007 Scene XXXVI 14x21 no
3.07.008 Scene XXXVII 14x21 no
3.07.009 Scene XXXVIII 14x21 no
3.07.010 Scene XXXIX 14x21 no
3.07.011 Scene XL 14x21 no
3.08.001 The Pantheon at Rome Engraving XLI 14x21 yes
3.08.002 Elevation XLII 14x21 no
3.08.003 Elevation XLIII 14x21 no
3.08.004 Elevation XLIV 14x21 no
3.08.005 Elevation XLV 14x21 no
3.08.006 Detail XLVI 14x21 no
3.08.007 Detail XLVII 14x21 no
3.08.008 Detail XLVIII 14x21 yes
3.08.009 Detail XLIX 14x21 no
3.08.010 Detail L 14x21 yes
3.08.011 Engraving LI 14x21 yes
3.08.012 Elevation LII 14x21 no
3.08.013 Elevation LIII 14x21 no
3.08.014 Detail LIV 14x21 no
3.08.015 Elevation LV 14x21 no
3.08.016 Detail LVI 14x21 no
3.09.001 Temple of Antoninus and Favstina missing