Henry VII Chapel at Westminster, Lewis Nockalls Cottingham, Arch. (1822)

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This collection is from an architectural tutorial from the early 1800’s.  The book is titled:
by L.N. Cottingham, Architect.
Printed by C. Hullmandel’s Lithographic Establishment-London

The collection contains more than thirty pages of text describing many details as shown in the vintage engravings of the forty five plates included in the collection.  The master elevation, Plate I (2.03.001), is an exquisite example of the skill and discipline required to produce the original works.  Some of the plates are line drawings for construction detailing purposes. Many who have visited Westminster will recognize the details of the building and will want to have for their own collection memorable museum quality limited edition prints from this 200 year old collection.

From the Preface of the Book:

    “…The present masterly restoration of the exterior of King Henry the VII’s Chapel, may be justly termed an era in the annals of gothic architecture; as that magnificent  building is not only the ne plus ultra of perfection in its way, but from its elegant proportions, and the variety and exquisite nature of its decorations, a perfect grammar of architectural art, a grammar in which every rule may be found necessary to the erection of a fabric of the same species.  To transmit these beauties to posterity in a manner they deserve, and render a delineation of them really beneficial to professional men, seem to demand what this chapel has never before been honoured with,--a separate and detached account; accompanied by plates, in which truth and accuracy should be studied rather than fineness of engraving on picturesque effect; and which, by being devoted exclusively to the educitation of a single subject, might hope in some degree to do it that justice which its interest merited.  The present is an attempt to supply such a work”


Henry VII Chapel Detail of buttress  
clipping from 2.02.034.jpg
Henry VII Chapel - information page
clipping from 2.03.003.jpg
2.01.001 Cover Sheets 2 Pgs 18x24 yes
2.01.002 no
2.02.001-30 Preface & Account 30 Pgs 18x24 no
2.03.001 1 (l) 24x36 no
2.03.002 2 (II) 18x24 no
2.03.003 Elevation 3 (III) 24x36 yes
2.03.004 4 (IV) 18x24 no
2.03.005 Elevation 5 (V) 24x32 no
2.03.006 6 (VI) 18x24 no
2.03.007 7 (VII) 18x24 no
2.03.008 Details 8 (VIII) 18x24 yes
2.03.009 9 (IX) 18x24 no
2.03.010 10 (X) 18x24 no
2.03.011 Details 11 (XI) 18x24 no
2.03.012 Details 12 (XII) 18x24 yes
2.03.013 Details 13 (XIII) 18x24 no
2.03.014 14 (XIV) 18x24 no
2.03.015 Details 15 (XV) 18x24 yes
2.03.016 16 (XVI) 18x24 no
2.03.017 17 (XVII) 18x24 no
2.03.018 Details 18 (XVIII) 18x24 no
2.03.019 19 (XIX) 18x24 no
2.03.020 Spire Detail 20 (XX) 24x36 yes
2.03.021 21 (XXI) 18x24 no
2.03.022 22 (XXII) 18x24 no
2.03.023 Window Detail 23 (XXIII) 24x36 yes
2.03.024 24 (XXIV) 24x36 no
2.03.025 Details 25  (XXV)  18X24 yes
2.03.026 26 (XXVI) 18x24 no
2.03.027 27 (XXVII) 18x24 no
2.03.028 28 (XXVIII) 24x36 no
2.03.029 29 (XXIX) 18x24 no
2.03.030 30 (XXX) 24x36 no
2.03.031 details 31 (XXXI) 18x24 no
2.03.032 details 32 (XXXII) 18x24 no
2.03.033 33 (XXXIII) 18x24 no
2.03.034 Buttress Detail 34 (XXXIV) 24x36 yes
2.03.035 35 (XXXV) 18x24 no
2.03.036 36 (XXXVI) 18x24 no
2.03.037 37 (XXXVII) 18x24 no
2.03.038 38 (XXXVIII) 18x24 no
2.03.039 39 (XXXIX) 18x24 no
2.03.040 40 (XL) 18x24 no
2.03.041 41 (XLI) 18x24 no
2.03.042 details 42 (XLII) 18x24 no
2.03.043 43 (XLIII) 18x24 no
2.03.044 44 (XLIV) 18x24 no
2.03.045 45 (XLV) 18x24 no

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