White, Streeter & Chamberlain Architects - Public Buildings (1920-1939)

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White, Streeter & Chamberlain - Public Buildings (1920 - 1939)

The work and career of Hugh E. White, Sr. (1869-1939), architect, did much to establish and define the architecture of Gaston and surrounding counties in North and South Carolina.  The original drawings of the projects designed by Hugh E. White, Sr. and the firm White, Streeter & Chamberlain exist and are maintained in the collections of Vintage Architectural Art.  In 2005, the works were compiled for The National Register of the U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service by Davyd Foard Hood with the help of Lucy R. Penegar and June Alice Todd.  This collection includes the Public Buildings comprising of twenty commissioned works designed by the firm.  The projects range from the Classical Gastonia City Hall to the Gaston War Memorial.  The titles of some of the buildings reveal the segregation of that period of our history. See the Collection Index for a complete listing of the projects.

Hugh E. White, Sr - Biographical information
Born on the rural farm land of Fort Mill, South Carolina in 1869, Hugh E. White, Sr. lost his father, Leonidas Spratt White, at age 9 and his mother at age 17.  Orphaned at such a young age, White worked in a wood working plant, as a carpenter and advancing to foreman, he cultivated his gifts and love of mathematics and craftsmanship and took up architectural work by correspondence school.

His professional career spanning four decades beginning in 1894 with a firm in Rock Hill, South Carolina, moving to Atlanta in the 1890’s, then with the Office of Supervising Architect, Department of the Treasury, from 1903-1918, then following three years (1918-1921) of employment with Charles Coker Wilson, one of South Carolina’s leading architects, Hugh E. White began the private practice of White, Streeter & Chamberlain in Gastonia, North Carolina.  Due to uncollected accounts for services rendered, the firm could not sustain the pressures of the Depression and ceased to exist in 1927.  Hugh E. White, Sr. continued in private practice with the help of his apprenticing son, Hugh Ed White, until his death in 1939.



Hugh E. White, Sr.
Zoomed in image from collection
9.01.001 Fire Engine House, Gastonia NC (#58) 1st Floor & Details 20x20 yes
9.01.002 Elevation & Sect 20x20 yes
9.02.001 Power House Extension, Gastonia NC (#64)
9.03.001 I.O.O.F. Building, Lincolnton NC (#72)
9.04.001 Garrison Sanatorium, Gastonia NC (#94)
9.05.001 Colored Ward Bldg Hospital, Gastonia (#96)
9.06.001 Municipal Bldg (City Hall) Gastonia NC (#97)     1925 1st Floor Plan 30x30 yes
9.06.002 2nd Floor Plan 30x30 yes
9.06.003 Elevation 30x30 yes
9.06.004 Elevation 30x30 yes
9.06.005 Details 30x30 yes
9.07.001 Gaston County Jail, Gastonia NC (#99)
9.08.001 Oasis Temple Bldg, Charlotte NC (#107)
9.09.001 Church Home Orphanage, York SC (#110)
9.10.001 Gaston County War Memorial (#139) Foundation Plan 30x16 yes
9.10.002 Basement Plan 30x16 yes
9.10.003 1st Floor Plan 30x16 yes
9.10.004 2nd Floor Plan 30x16 yes
9.10.005 Elevation & Details 30x16 yes
9.10.006 Elevation 30x16 yes
9.10.007 Door Schedule 30x16 yes
9.10.008 Longitudinal Sect 30x16 yes
9.10.009 Details 30x16 yes
9.10.010 Details 30x16 yes
9.10.011 Alternate Elevation 30x16 yes
9.10.012 Heat Plan 30x16 no
9.11.001 Public Library, Gastonia NC (#142)                   1930 1st Floor Plan 28x19 yes
9.11.002 2nd Floor Plan 28x19 yes
9.11.003 Elevation 28x19 yes
9.11.004 Elevation 28x19 yes
9.12.001 Duke Memorial Ward for Colored, Gastonia (#144) 1st Floor Plan 24x26 yes
9.12.002 Elevation 24x26 yes
9.12.003 Section & Details 24x26 yes
9.12.004 Foundation Plan 24x26 yes
9.12.005 Roof Plan & Detail 24x26 yes
9.12.006 Heat & Plumbing 24x26 yes
9.12.007 Piping Plan 24x26 yes
9.13.001 Gaston County Negro Hospital, Gastonia (#244) Elevation & Details 34x28 yes
9.14.001 Colored Nurses Home, Gastonia NC (#251) Elevation 21x32 yes
9.14.002 Details 21x32 yes
9.14.003 Floor Plan 32x27 yes
9.14.004 Details 32x27 yes
9.15.001 NC Orthopaedic Hospital Bldg, Gastonia (#252) Elevation & Floor 27x33 yes
9.15.002 Details 27x33 yes
9.15.003 Elevations 36x28 yes
9.15.004 Details 36x28 yes
9.15.005 Details 36x28 yes
9.16.001 NC Orthopaedic Hospital Garage, Gastonia (#?)
9.17.001 Gaston County Court House Add., Gastonia (#253)
9.18.001 "Gaston County Court House" (?)
9.19.001 "Library Building" (?)
9.20.001 "Auditorium" (?)

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