Ancient Abbeys and Cathedrals of Britain 1800's

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The Vintage drawings found in this collection are from a bound work from the late seventeenth century.  It contains commentary and prints from engravings of five of Britain’s most venerable houses of worship.

Exeter Cathedral
Abbey Church at Bath
Cathedral Church of Durham
Abbey Church of St. Alban
Collegiate Chapel of St. Stephen

Each structure is documented by ten to twenty plates including plan views, elevations, transverse sections and details.  It is marvelous to examine an architectural feature found on an elevation and then study a detail of that very element on an accompanying detail sheet.  Or for example, study the 17th century clock detailed on Image 5.02.010 of the Exeter Cathedral and find it in the upper left corner of the transverse section Image 5.02.006.

The architect, John Carter, designed almost 30 Gothic structures between 1775-1778.  He was the co-author of The Builder’s Magazine published in 1774.  Carter is heralded as one of the finest students of design of the period.

The engraver, James Basire, was an English print maker from 1730-1802.  He is one of three generations of engravers and engraver to the Royal Society and the Society of Antiquaries.


Exeter Cathedral Clock
Exeter Cathedral Clock detail
Image clipping from the
Abbey Church of Bath detail
image no. 5.03.008
5.01.001 Text & Commentary 18x24 no
5.02.001 Exeter Cathedral Title Sheet I 18x24 yes
5.02.002 Plan view II 18x24 no
5.02.003 Elevation III 24x36 yes
5.02.004 Elevation IV 24x36 yes
5.02.005 Elevation V 24x36 yes
5.02.006 Section VI 18x24 yes
5.02.007 Detail VII 18x24 yes
5.02.008 Detail VIII 18x24 yes
5.02.009 Elevation IX 18x24 yes
5.02.010 Steeples X 18x24 yes
5.02.011 Detail XI 18x24 yes
5.03.001 Abbey Church of Bath (1798) Title Sheet I 18x24 yes
5.03.002 Plan View II 18x24 yes
5.03.003 Elevation III 18x24 yes
5.03.004 Elevation IV 18x24 yes
5.03.005 Section  V 18x24 yes
5.03.006 Elevation VI 18x24 yes
5.03.007 Elevation VII 18x24 yes
5.03.008 Detail VIII 18x24 yes
5.03.009 Detail IX 18x24 no
5.03.010 Interior X 18x24 yes
5.04.001 Cathedral Church of Durham (1801) Title Sheet I 18x24 yes
5.04.002 Plan view II 24x36 no
5.04.003 Elevation III 18x24 yes
5.04.004 Elevation IV 24x36 no
5.04.005 Section V 24x36 no
5.04.006 Section VI 18x24 yes
5.04.007 Detail VII 18x24 no
5.04.008 Detail VIII 18x24 no
5.04.009 Detail IX 18x24 no
5.04.010 Detail X 18x24 no
5.04.011 Detail XI 18x24 no
5.05.001 Abbey Church of St. Alban (1813) Title Sheet I 18x24
5.05.002 Plan view II 24x36
5.05.003 Elevation III 24x36
5.05.004 Elevation IV 24x36
5.05.005 Section V 24x36
5.05.006 Detail VI 18x24
5.05.007 Detail VII 18x24
5.05.008 Detail VIII 18x24
5.05.009 Detail IX 18x24
5.05.010 Detail X 18x24
5.05.011 Detail XI 18x24
5.05.012 Detail XII 18x24
5.05.013 Detail XIII 18x24
5.05.014 Detail XIV 18x24
5.05.015 Detail XV 18x24
5.05.016 Detail XVI 18x24
5.05.017 Detail XVII 18x24
5.05.018 Detail XVIII 18x24
5.05.019 Detail XIX 18x24
5.05.020 Detail XX 24x36
5.05.021 Section XXI 24x36
5.05.022 Section XXII 24x36
5.06.001 Collegiate Chapel of St. Stephen Title Sheet I 18x24
5.06.002 Plan View II 18x24
5.06.003 Plan View III 18x24
5.06.004 Section IV 18x24
5.06.005 Section V 18x24
5.06.006 Section VI 18x24
5.06.007 Section VII 18x24
5.06.008 Section VIII 18x24
5.06.009 Section IX 18x24
5.06.010 Section X 18x24
5.06.011 Section XI 18x24
5.06.012 Detail XII 18x24
5.06.013 Detail XIII 18x24
5.06.014 Interior XIV 18x24

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